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Established in 2007, Vancouver-based Stroll Law Group has served an expanding group of clients, colleagues, artists and friends from Canada's emerging business, entertainment and new media talent pool.  The firm is led by sole practitioner, Orrin Stroll, a business and entertainment lawyer with over 18 years experience working alongside some of Western Canada's leading independent film producers and prolific production companies in the last decade.




Apart from providing top-to-bottom business and legal solutions for corporate executives, filmmakers, visual and digital artists and musicians, we encourage clients to get involved and informed to whatever degree they prefer in connection with the legal questions and matters they a seeking assistance on.   Perhaps it comes from our passion to teach and coach that we make every effort to educate our clients about their legal problems to empower them to address and handle similar matters effectively down the road.   In fact, the intimate size of our practice, our personalized, approachable manner and an attitude bent on delivering substance over style underscores our unyielding commitment to enable you and your business to grow.



At Stroll Law Group, we believe the success of any business is measured by how well its people make key decisions about their call to action.  Those decisions are shaped by how effective its management determines the goals it sets out to achieve.  The value of those goals is determined by the depth of vision and imagination of its leaders.  And, the foundation of that vision and imagination is built from the quality of information it acquires.

Broaden your perspective and you will elevate the quality of information you use to take your business or project to the next level.  Enhance your information and you will augment the strategies you apply to ensure your success.  Get more perspective and you will, ultimately, get superior results.

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